Book of charms quattro


Book of Charms Quattro combines a unique casino game with a cast of wacky characters. Players will race against the clock to create the most Charms in the shortest amount of time while unlocking extra Charms as they are created. Play the classic game using the traditional tokens while using the dice to randomly generate the Charms. Or, when you’ve mastered the tricks of the trade, use the convenient dice to randomly generate the Charms and build your board with power-ups that will give you a fighting chance against the clock!

Book of Charms Quattro makes a great filler for slots games as well as standalone games that you can play with the rules of the game. It’s a fantastic addition to the casino or non-casual slots game because it offers so many strategic options. Players can use their Charms in ways that have never been seen before, using symbols that are only found in the Book of Charms. You can also win extra spins on every single Charms you use, making this a great way to spend your slot time – or maybe just to generate free spins on all of your Charms.

Players take turns at being the Wild Thing. They must avoid being caught by the Charms, who then turn into other animals, such as Pumpkins, T-Rexes, and Cowboys. When a player is tagged by the Charms, they have to go find the Wild Thing, who will then use his or her own Charms against them. Players can use Wild Things in any of their Charms hands to attack other players; they can also throw Wild things at other Charms in the slot games to knock them off-track. The rules of this slot game are easy to understand, but there are enough strategies involved that this fast-paced game can keep people playing for hours. That’s what makes it such a popular game with online casino customers, even if the payout is not very high.

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