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Kisscasinos Review

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Kisscasinos is a famous SoftSwiss operated online casino. It works immediately and has an alluring erotic undertone, without download required. Among the several advantages there are some drawbacks, like very limited promotions and licenses, lacking mobile service and only basic technical support. Therefore the review below goes into more depth about each section in more detail, so without delay let us begin with the most obvious parts…


Customer service in Kisscasinos

With regard to customer service, it is the best in the industry. In fact the support staff are so helpful that in spite of your having lost all your money, they will still help you get it back. When you lose on the slots, they do not rush to tell you that you have lost all your money, but they immediately cash out the slot winnings for you. It is truly the service that makes kisscasinos the best online casinos around. The kind of customer service they offer cannot be found anywhere else.

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However, let us move on to the more exciting and interesting features. There are numerous slots available on the market. To cater to this, Kisscasinos has developed a very sophisticated software program, which allows the players to see all the available slots on one screen, quickly and clearly. This is because of the multiple screens that are present in each room. Furthermore, the software provides various statistics, such as the amount of wins/losses made, the amount of coins found, the highest combination won etc. Hence when you compare online casinos, it is easy to see why this is such a popular choice among players.

In addition, there is also a video interface, where the players can watch all the action. This is an interactive interface, where the player gets to see live what is happening on the slot machines. Another great feature of the online casino software is the integration of the favourite casino games. This means, if one wants to play baccarat, for example, he can simply switch over to the baccarat section and play that game. Hence the interface of this casino is comprehensive and covers almost all the casino games.

As far as the games themselves are concerned, they are pretty much of the same caliber as those at land casinos. There are progressive jackpots, where the jackpot increase with every pull of the handle. There are special slots too, which give double the payouts, or even triple the payouts. Furthermore, all these games are carefully designed and ensure a lot of satisfaction. When you compare online casinos, Kisscasinos comes out tops, as they are known for their excellent customer service.

Another thing that should be kept in mind while comparing Kisscasinos against other online casinos is about the payment gateway used by the website. Some of the other casinos use payment gateways that charge the players for accessing the website, but the Kisscasinos don’t. They use secure gateways, that are given to them free of cost by the websites. All in all, it can be said that the payment gateway used by the website has a great impact on the quality of service offered by the online casino software. If the site uses a good payment gateway, the quality of service offered to the customers is going to be very good, and this is something that every online casino should strive to achieve.


Keep an eye on the slot machine sections


Here you can compare between various slots games that are being offered by the online casino site. The bonuses too can be compared here. Some of these bonuses include the free spins, and the additional credits that become available after you win a certain amount of money on the regular slots.

When you are looking for a casino on the internet, one of the best places to look for one is Kisscasinos. These casinos not only offer excellent gambling games, they also have a great customer support section, and this is something that most other online casinos do not have. The reason for this is that the staff at Kisscasinos takes care of each and every customer by providing them with valuable information that helps them get the best results when they play their favorite casino games on the internet. Apart from this, most of the features offered by the casino games on the website are the same as what you would find in a land based casino on the internet.

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